Our Mission

Our Story. Our Values. Our Commitment to You

Our Story

We believe in the power of creativity, community, and teamwork. As young entrepreneurs, we benefitted from an inspiring work place that encouraged collaboration, professional socializing, and provided the business amenities we needed to be successful. Perhaps because we started in a “small town” next to a “big town,” we believe there is power in tapping into both worlds. We believe you cannot recreate the special energy of a small community. But we love the energy and opportunity a larger town offers. Together, they provide a great mix of genuineness and productivity.

We knew from our first years in business that, if you are going to “go for it,” you need to be both inspired and armed for success. That led us to the concept of oneEleven, Office On Oak. We use high quality materials that connote strength and long-lasting value, the same things we want each business owner, contractor and employee to feel when they work here. We have always believed that work should be enjoyable, and the people you work with should add value to your life, as you should to theirs. Creating a great work environment makes that easier to accomplish.

I was blown away at the cool environment at Office On Oak. It was so much more than I imagined, and has been the perfect work space for me and my team.Adam T.

Core Values


oneEleven invests in creating an inspiring, modern and first-class work environment. We want you to feel invigorated and energized every day you enter your work space. Premium materials and technology provide a beautiful, clean and safe work environment.


A co-working space can provide amazing benefits to its members when they truly feel a part of a community. oneEleven provides monthly professional and social events to make it easy to collaborate and expend your professional network.


oneEleven prides itself on providing a premium work place at below market rates. By locating just outside high-rent urban and suburban areas, clients receive the benefits of other high cost co-working spaces at a fraction of the cost.

Our Commitment To You

We commit to providing a safe, inspiring, clean, and modern work place with a staff that is dedicated to helping you achieve success. Do you need anything? Just ask!